Birthday SeaVenture - Part 2

The big event of my birthday weekend was spending the day at SeaWorld's Discovery Cove. If you are not familiar with Discovery Cove, it is an all-inclusive day resort that resembles a tropical island.

After checking in and getting settled, we started the day in The Grand Reef.

As part of my birthday present from J, I received an amazing underwater camera that I couldn't wait to use. I am blown away by my amazing pictures!

After enjoying a snack from the Snack Hut, we warmed up in the fresh water river.

The river travels right through the Aviary!

During our time in the river, J popped up and said "you rock" and gave me this rock.

After finishing the river, we headed to the Freshwater Oasis to watch the animals.

The otters were so playful I had trouble getting a good picture! 

When we left the Freshwater Oasis, we were greeted by more animal encounters!

After a another snack, we headed back to the Grand Reef.

When we got chilled again, we enjoyed a late lunch filled with too much dessert! Wait, is that a thing? Can you have too much dessert?

I loved my birthday lanyard.

After hanging out a bit more, we left Discovery Cove to take showers and rest in our hotel.

For dinner, we were planning to go back to SeaWorld but decided instead to walk over to Fridays because we were too tired to do anything else!

I got a big glass of Cider and we enjoyed an appetizer platter.

For dinner I paired my alcoholic beverage with Mac 'N Cheese from the kids menu :D

Another amazing adventure in the books!