Mom's 4th Heaven Day

On July 2, 2013 my Mom was called to heaven. This day every year is very emotional for me because I try to remember the good things about this time, not just the sad. So J and I decided to honor Mom throughout the day by doing things she loved. 

We started the day with J's first Body Combat class. We recorded it for his certification application and this was my first Body Combat class!

He did an amazing job and I am so proud of him! 

After a home cooked lunch and my nap, we went to 2nd and Charles to look at books. Mom was an avid reader and would have adored 2nd and Charles. I picked up several fun books that you can learn more about here.

After the bookstore, we stopped by to see my Mom's best friends. We didn't stay long but it was nice seeing them and catching up. Before heading home for the night, we stopped at Burrito Famous to enjoy local food. The night finished with a couple episodes of The Office because Mom always loved to laugh. I feel like this day could not have been a more perfect tribute to her. 

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