Memorial Day Weekend 2017

 I love celebrating America and decking myself out in red, white, and blue. 

For work on Friday, I wore a blue Carly, white necklace, and flag earrings from Charming Charlie. Before we left for the day, the company gave up holiday cupcakes and mine had an amazing flag ring on top! I just had to keep it!

Because I got off early, J and I headed out to lunch. 

For dessert, we stopped at Hyppo Gourmet Pops!

While at Sam's Club, we got these amazing sausages!

That evening I had a red, white, and blue outfit live sale for my VIP LuLaRoe Group

For Saturday, I rocked the same Carly with a red Cassie underneath.

At Charming Charlie, I found these adorable popsicle earrings!  We spend the rest of the day watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix and hanging out together.

On Sunday, J and I hosted a fun Memorial Day BBQ. We cat-sit my dad's cat Zoe all week so my dad came by to pick her up.  She did not want to go home!

After the cookout, J and I had some fun with Sparklers! 

We had a lazy Memorial Day with more Netflix watching and napping. 

Weekend at Panama City Beach

J decided to make his love for Les Mills Body Combat official by becoming a certified instructor. The first step on his journey was a two day intensive training. The closest event was in Panama City so I tagged along to enjoy the sunshine and beach. 

Day One

On Friday, we just took our time driving up. To start the day, I cashed in part of my spa gift card J gave me for Mother's Day and got a pedicure. At a random gas station, I found a Coke with my name! That was the highlight of the day! 

Day Two

 J had to be at the gym bright and early so I dropped him off and then headed to Panama City Beach to enjoy the morning with the waves.

My Mother's Day pedicure that J gifted me the week before was perfect for the occasion! 

After about an hour or so on the beach, it was time to check something off my bucket list, meeting a sloth! So I headed to the city's amazing zoo, ZooWorld. 

After reserving my meeting, I wandered the zoo and met several friends. 

The baby lions were not ready to wake up!

While I was wondering, I got to see the lions enter their habitats! 

The ladies were very excited to see each other! 

The man of the zoo was currently isolated because the lady lions had recently given birth.  He was also a rare white lion and very handsome. 

Next stop, SLOTHS!

Slo (on the bottom) and his girl Mo.

This was an experience I will never forget!  

Slo loved the sweet potato but Mo had her eye on the corn.

Best 20 minutes ever.

After playing with the sloths, I hung out with some birds.

By that time, the baby lions were awake and ready to play!

I have to say, the bunny habitat was one of the cutest.  They were so adorable!

And they had meerkats like Timon! 

After spending a few hours with the animals, it was time for shopping!  I went to the brand new Ulta on the outskirts of Pier Park and found an amazing lipstick.

For lunch, I stopped at Wayback Burgers for a hotdog and shake.

Then it was time to find some new goodies!

I bought an amazing pair of shorts, earrings, a bracelet, and loofa soaps. 

After picking up J, we went to Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe for dinner. 

Day Three

 Saturday wiped me out!  So after grabbing Waffle House with J and dropping him off at the gym, I went back to the hotel and took a long nap. Once I packed up the car and checked out of the hotel, I went back to the beach before the rain hit.

Once it started to drizzle, I left the sand and went back to Pier Park to watch the movie Snatched. Once the film ended, it was time to pick up J and head back to the real world.  

Thanks for the fun Panama City Beach!