Spring 2017 Favorites


The best book I read this spring was The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.  I loved the alternative narrator and unique views on the horrors of the holocaust.  I have read several holocaust stories and heard a few first-hand accounts from family and community members.  Unlike my previous reads, this is the first story that I have read from a German perspective, which I enjoyed.  While the book was not an emotionally easy read, I read it quickly and it strongly effected me.


My favorite outfit this season was my first Sarah cardigan and Julia dress. I wore this outfit to my first LuLaRoe vendor event and this was the first time I packed my tiny car with my entire inventory!  I still love this ruffled Sarah and bright Julia pair!


I cannot say enough lovely things about the movie, Hidden Figures.  Girl power, race equality, and 1960s outfits, what is not to love?!  10 out of 5 stars for me!


My first finished knitting project!  I made myself a hat with an oversized pom-pom!

Spring 2017 LuLaRoe Training

The week after I on-boarded as a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer, I had the privilege of attending a local training. To make my day even sweeter, J came with me!

For the meeting, I wore my favorite Carly and Lindsay combo.

Throughout the event we learned from some of the company's top retailers!

Before attending the event, they asked everyone to donate one item from their inventory that was new with tags.  At the end of the event, they donated every piece to a local woman's shelter! 

It was an amazing day of learning and networking.  I love my Team Red Hot and was so happy to meet my LuLa-Grandmom! 

Earth Day at SeaWorld

For Earth Day, we chose to spend the day at an animal centered park, SeaWorld.  We have been thoroughly enjoying SeaWorld, especially the Seven Seas Food Fest!

I wore my new orca leggings and a matching black Classic T.

We tried the Turtle Trek 3D experiance and loved it!  Before the show, we were able to watch manatees, sea turtles, and fish. 

After, we stopped for a snack!

We tried a chocolate empanada and a delicious warm chocolate pudding-like dish that I cannot remember the name for and ate way too fast to take a picture! 

Our next stop was to watch the dolphins show off for a bit.  They were very playful today!

Thank you for another wonderful day, SeaWorld! 

Relay for Life 2017 - Team LuLaRoe Cares

For Relay for Life this year, my 12th Relay, I wanted to give back to the American Cancer Society and my community in a big way.  So I utilized my new LuLaRoe business and sold leggings during the event.  For every pair purchased, $10 was donated to the American Cancer Society. 

For our campsite theme, we did Mythical Land and I decided to run to Starbucks before the event to get a Unicorn Frap.  Of course I was several days too late so I had to settle for a Mocha Frap instead. 

We decorated our tables with leggings, unicorns, and dragons.

It was our first team event and I was so happy to share it with my new LuLa-Sisters.

I sold 14 pairs of leggings and had a blast! 

Easter 2017

Since our first year together, J and I throw an Easter brunch every year with our friends and family.  This year was our most successful event to date! 

We have several children in attendance so we decided to have an Easter egg hunt!  The older kids hid the eggs and then the younger ones searched the yard for goodies. 

Our potluck meal included several delicious treats including these amazing springtime sugar cookies!

I searched high and low for the perfect Amelia dress and I fell in love with this cream and pastel floral one!  How perfect for Easter?!


Another wonderful Easter brunch in the books!