Beauty and the Beast Premier

Belle is my favorite princess and I have been dreaming about the Live Action film for over two years!  I had my outfit all picked out however, FL decided to have a week of winter so I made some last minute changes! 

Headband: eBay
Sweater: Amazon 
Skirt: LuLaRoe
Leggings: LuLaRoe
Shoes: Target

J's eyes couldn't handle the sun but I still love our selfie!

You know, just chatting with the Beast.

After the AMAZING movie, a sweet girl snapped some pictures for us.

I cannot recommend this film enough.  I want to see it everyday! 

Seven Seas Food Fest at SeaWorld

I am slowly falling in love with SeaWorld and the Seven Seas Food Fest is one of the main reasons.

Of course, it is the animals that truly stole my heart!

I enjoyed an amazing Banana Foster Cheesecake in a waffle cone!

After spending a large part of the day at SeaWorld, I purchased a SeaWorld Rescue shirt ($10 with the Pass Member discount!) and we headed to Universal Studios for the Jimmy Fallon ride.

I hated the ride but I loved doing it with J.  After waiting over an hour for the ride, we were starving so we went to our favorite restaurant, Vivo!  On the way, we passed the magnificent Toothsome.

Week of Presents

Last week, J was on Spring Break and traveled almost every day while I stayed in town and worked.  I felt really left out and lonely all week so he tried to make up for it with personal presents each day.


I love sloths and my first gift was an adorable stuffed sloth that I named Bertie. 


With the live action Beauty and the Beast coming out this week, J surprised me with a Twisted Tale of my favorite Disney classic. I started the book immediately and I am already in love.


Wednesday I was treated to another book and stuffed animal.  I decided my bunny was now my lucky bunny but I have not given her/him a name yet.  The Lost Girl of Astor Street was a book I recently added to my To-Read list so I was very excited to receive it! 


On Thursday I found Pop Vinyls from the live action movie and Mardi Gras beads from Universal Studios.  I am excited to create a Beauty and the Beast themed cube in my craft room and wear the beads to the All-America Rejects concert later this month! 


My final gift was this amazing Marauder's Map backpack for Universal trips!  I added my Pygmy Puff keychain and the front pockets are perfect for holding my cell phone and annual pass.