Valentine's Day 2017

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

For my second favorite holiday, I wore my new Lularoe Valentine's Day leggings, a pink Lularoe Perfect Tee, my red TOMS, and a heart necklace from Forever 21.

At work, the day started with Valentine's Day BINGO!  Every 10 minutes a word is emailed out and the first person to fill the entire card wins a gift card!  My company also gave us a piece of candy.

The two valentines I received were from J and one of my former cubemates.  J gave me the carnation last night but I brought it to work today to decorate my desk.  My former cubemate recently moved to another section but she stopped by with this adorable bag of goodies for me!

The bag contained a box of stickers, chocolates, and a fun headband!

I was only two spots away from filling the card!

When I got home, I set up our living room for a cozy night of sushi and movie watching.  I pulled the mattress from our guest room into the middle of the floor and added several pillows and a blanket. 

I also lit some tea lights and my favorite Bath and Body Works candle, Champagne Toast.

Even Roku was excited for the holiday!

J came home with more carnations for me and our dinner.

He also wrapped my present in a towel from our linen closet and he ear buds.  He is such a goof :)

For Valentine's Day he gave me the sweetest card, a hoodie from Universal, and blush from MAC Cosmetic's recent Trolls line.

Such a perfect Valentine's Day!

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