Wine Not Paint?

As a bonding exercise, my team went to our local Painting with a Twist for a fun class! 

This was my first painting class since college and I enjoyed every minute of it!  Painting with a Twist refers to their classes as "fun art not fine art" so they are perfect for every level!  While painting, guests are encouraged to bring their own wine to sip on.

For this class, we painting wine glasses on a pastel background.  Here is my work of art in progress!

We were challenged to post a selfie with our canvas to social media. The person who received the most "likes" could win a prize!

While we waited for our backgrounds to dry, we enjoyed the studio's clever photobooth!

My finished piece and my social media prize!  I received over 25 "likes" while painting!

The glass says "Wine is the answer, what was the question?"

Everyone was encouraged to put their own twist on the project.

Such a fun experience with my co-workers! 

Our First Volcano Bay Weekend

Since Volcano Bay, Universal's water theme park, opened a few weeks ago, J and I have been itching to go!  We decided to brave the storms and go for two days!  

Day One

On Saturday we checked into our hotel, changed into our bathing suits and made our way to Volcano Bay for the first time ever!

This park is beyond beautiful!

We had an amazing day exploring, riding thrill rides, and relaxing.

 Day Two

 We were so excited to go back but we slept much later then expected!  We made a quick pit stop at Target so I could pick up a new bathing suit and then headed back to the park!  We had about an hour and a half before the rain started but during that time, I rode my first water ride and liked it!

Before we left, we stopped at the bar for another drink. We chose different ones from yesterday but loved them all!

We love Volcano Bay!

Wonder Woman Movie!

My excitement for the Wonder Woman movie on grew as the premier inched closer.  For the event, I wore an Americana Irma top and red leggings. I called it my reverse Wonder Woman outfit!

The movie was beyond amazing. I couldn't be happier with it! You have to go and see it for yourself if you haven't already! Everything about it is just about perfect!

Thank you J for sharing this amazing experience with me!