J's First Class

Now that J is officially a certified Body Combat instructor, he can sub classes at our local gym. So today, for the first time, he was asked to teach an entire class alone and I rearranged my schedule to attend. At the start of class, I snapped a few pictures to commemorate the occasion. 

J did a great job and I am very proud of him! 

Dolphin Nursery

I love dolphins and I love baby animals so when SeaWorld opened the Dolphin Nursery, I knew it would become my favorite spot in the park. 

All of the babies were extremely active and playful today. It was fun watching their tiny shadows dart from one side of the enclosure to the other as their imaginations ran wild. 

Every once and a while one of the babies would jump out of the water and showoff.  

One of the human children had a shark toy that their little one found more than interesting. The children quickly bonded and it was amazing to watch the inter-species friends interact. 

Finally the little dolphin gave up to explore something on the enclosure's floor. I have no idea what was so interesting but apparently, I am missing something amazing. 

I loved watching the babies and I cannot wait to see them again! 

Summer at the Parks

It had been almost two months since our last date-day in a theme park and several months since my last trip to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. I decided it has been long enough and J went to Orlando alone to explore SeaWorld and Universal. 

We started the day at SeaWorld to take advantage of our meal plan and see the animals. I love almost all kinds of animals and seeing them makes me happy.

After exploring the aquariums and enjoying our meals, we headed to Islands of Adventure. It was also the sixth anniversary of my first time in Hogsmeade!

During the heat of the day, J took me to see the Horror Make-Up Show. I always assumed this would be scary but it was more of a comedy! 

As the sun went down, the crowds started to leave, making it easier to see some of my favorite places.

We took a turn on Kang and Kodos' Twirl 'N' Hurl!

Of course I had to take advantage of the small crowds in Diagon Alley!

J is the Slytherin to my Hufflepuff <3

I am currently on a two-month no-sweet challenge and I really wanted a Butterbeer ice cream...

To end the day, J took me to my new favorite restaurant, The Bread Box!

I enjoyed an amazing grilled cheese with tater tots!

All and all it was a wonderful day and getaway.