August Reading Wrap-Up


With the election around the corner, I wanted to learn more about Hillary Clinton.  This book focused on the decisions she made during her time as Secretary of State.  Well written and highly interesting.

Not what I was expected and I did not enjoy this book.  I disagreed with the idea that suicide is an epidemic and that the only way to "cure" it is by removing memories.  However, the plot-twists were interesting and the main character was well developed.

I listened to both the YA and regular versions.  I enjoyed the regular more because it included more descriptions and full stories.  This is an empowering book that every woman should read.

Not a bad ending to the trilogy.  I enjoyed the story line of this novel more than book two.  The plot felt real and I enjoyed the end.

A cute love story about individuals from different cultures, countries, and socioeconomic standings.  They fall in love as they strive to help those less fortunate. 

I enjoy listening to the Bobby Bones morning show so I enjoyed learning more about it.  An interesting story about starting from the bottom and working hard.

A heartbreaking story about a recently transitioned girl.  She is not based on a true story however, I enjoyed learning more about the transitioning process and the horrors that LGBT youth face.

My least favorite of my August reads.  A friend allowed me to borrow her copy however, I only read about a sixth through before switching to audio.  I did not enjoy the story-line or characters.  The plot felt forced to me and I was confused by the narrator. 

Physical Books:

This is a very interesting take on an old classic.  However, the last chapter almost ruined the entire book for me. 

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