July Reading Wrap-Up

During the month of July, I only finished two physical books.  Uncommon for me, I know.  However, I listened to multiple amazing audiobooks!

I have been wanting to read Peter Pan for years however, I was never able to finish it.  So when I found the audiobook on my library's website, I knew that was the perfect option!  Strange does not even begin to describe this book.  I knew it would be different from Disney's animated classic however, there were so many parts that just went right over my head.  

Dystopian novels with a strong female character are my weakness.  Thankfully, Flawed did not disappoint!  A gorgeous story of the terror of unfair judgement, this book made me think and feel every step of the way.  In a society without forgiveness and trial by peers, citizens deemed flawed are forever outcasts, even if they were simply trying to keep a flawed man alive.  

How is this series deemed good?  I don't understand how people like it.  I really just don't get it.  However, I finished the series, all three terrible books, and I am happy I did.  I can now officially say this is the worst series I have ever read. 

I have been trying to learn more about LGBT+ since the Pulse Massacre and what better way than through books?  I loved The Great American Whatever so much.  A sassy gay character, inner turmoil, and a great ending.   

J is a huge fan of Lindsey Stirling's music so I thought I would give her memoirs a try.  She is adorable and I love that she stays true to herself. 

Not my favorite series but now I am just interested in finishing the trilogy.  This book was pretty terrible to be honest... Maybe the third one will be better. 

Another story of a transgender child from a mother's point of view.  Since they allowed their daughter to transition at a very young, I found this story very unique and interesting.  

Not as good as Amy Poehler's Yes Please, but still pretty good.  I love Tina's view of being a woman in a male dominated world.  

Best book of the season and possible the year.  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was so fantastic that I finished it in four hours and I want to read it again!  Love the new characters and the appearances from classic ones.  Amazing.  That's all I have to say. 

Disney Solo Summer Trip

For the first time in my entire life, I am considering letting my annual pass to Walt Disney World lapse for several reasons you can read about soon.  So, before my pass ends in December, I wanted at least one more solo trip.  

The day started with a conversation about blue vs. pink with Princess Aurora. 

Then I enjoyed lunch in China and talking to Mulan about the power of red. 

Because I was alone, I chose to wait in line for the new Frozen ride. 

The line was supposed to be 90 minutes however, the ride broke down so I ended up waiting a bit over two hours.

But the ride was worth it!

Me just chilling the back. 

After I went to meet the queen and princess!

I loved the Soarin' Over California but the new Soarin' is even better! 

My highlight of the day was meeting my favorite emotions!

Of course I couldn't leave without a hug from my Baymax. 

In honor of Finding Dory's release, I took a ride in Nemo's seashell.  However, I still haven't seen the new film...

How could I not stop for free soda?

I ate a wonderful dinner in France and enjoyed way too many Macrons. 

To end the day, I took my Disney giftcard to the new Disney Springs and had a blast exploring the shops.

All in all, a very magical day. 

First Bulls-Eye

On a random Thursday night, J and I opened some beers and played a game of darts in our garage.  During the game, I made my first bulls-eye!