Easter 2016

Universal Studios Mardi Gras and The Fray

March 12, 2016

J and I attended our first Mardi Gras at Universal Studios to see The Fray live in concert.  And it was fantastic!!!  The park was not too crowded and the Mardi Gras events were so much fun!

My Best Friend's Wedding

My beautiful friend married the love of her life on a March afternoon in Amelia Island, FL.

Carmen loves crafts and it was very clear that she spent a lot of time preparing for this special day.

So happy to see what the future holds for this adorable couple!

Welcome to the World, Baby JL

March 19, 2016

Being K's godmother is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Every day she grows a little older and learns a little more.  Today, she became a big sister.  Even though I am not a godmother to her little brother, my heart expanded to include Baby JL.

K is unsure what to think of her baby brother however, when he started fussing, we sang him the lullaby from Cinderella.  I think I fell in love with K all over again. 

JL will never be the same to me as K is however, I am so excited to have him in my life!

A Wild Time at Animal Kingdom

Sometimes you just need a day to get away and snap pictures of adorable animals! 


2 "Ear" Anniversary

To celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, J and I planned a day trip to Disney's Magic Kingdom.  

I purchased printable iron-on decals from Ideas With Love on Etsy.