February 2016 Reading Wrap-Up

1. Lock and Key

A gorgeous story about a young girl from a broken family who is forced to take the parent role to her mother.  Through a series of events, she is sent to live with her stable sister in a suburban neighborhood.  Her life is turned upside down until she learns that love can be found anywhere - love between family, friends, and significant others.  I love Dessen's writing style because she always chooses topics that are "difficult" and allow me to understand different perspectives.

2. Pride and Prejudice

I have been wanting to read a Jane Austin novel for years, as I thoroughly enjoy her plots.  As my first audiobook, I chose Pride and Prejudice.  It is now my favorite Austen story and I loved every minute of it!  Nothing is more entertaining than a group of girls fight for love and affection from men, their parents, and each other.

3. Austenland

Following my first Jane Austen novel, I picked up this treasure.  A fun story of a girl transported to a secret Austen retreat where she must act and dress like a Jane Austen character.  Love, friendship, and witty humor fill this novel!  However, DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE AFTER!

4. The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Sometimes books are not what they seem... I was presently surprised by this magical story about a young boy and his supernatural friend.  Twists and turns hide in every chapter and the young narrator is adorable.  Listening to it as an audiobook transported me to a different universe!

5. A Great and Terrible Beauty

I would not call this book a flop for me however, I did not enjoy it as much as I expected to.  Another story about magic, this book tells the tale of a young girl who grew up in British occupied India.  After a family tragedy, she is sent to a stiff boarding school in London.  There she discovers the power of magic and friendship.

6. The Extra

I picked this book up at my local library as a Valentine's Day Blind Date with a Book.  The three key words grabbed me immediately and they did not disappoint.  I spent an entire day reading this book and it was perfect.  The Extra is a historical fiction about Gypsy concentration camps during World War II.  As a Jew, I know a lot about the holocaust, but I have never learned about it from a Gypsy's point of view. I cannot recommend this book enough.

7. Confessions of a Jane Austin Addict

This novel has been sitting on my shelf for years so when it appeared on my library's audiobook rental, I had to give it a try.  So many adorable characters appear as the main character attempts to adapt to her new life, nearly a hundred years in her past.  The moral of this story: be careful what you wish for because a Gypsy woman might just grant your wish!

8.  Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austin Addict

Obviously I checked out the sequel and listened to the entire novel in a day.  I loved hearing about the "other side of the story."  The regency woman from the first book is thrown into modern life and is forced to deal with new technology, customs, and fashions!

9.  The Girl from Everywhere

This was my 2016 Valentine's Day present from J and I adored it!  Magic, mystery, love, travel, and family drama... what more could I want?!  This time traveling pirate novel is perfect to transporting you into a different world.  Also, there is one character hidden inside that makes my heart melt... *sigh*

10. A Madness So Discreet

My final audiobook for February was a novel I have heard a lot about on YouTube.  I am highly interested in mental illness so the story of a young girl in a turn-of-the-century asylum is right up my alley.  While the book held a fantastic story, I did not like that the main character got away with committing a horrible crime.  Otherwise, I really enjoyed this dark tale.

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