Gator Basketball

J is a huge fan of the University of Florida Gators so when he was offered a position as a SEC Offical, he was thrilled!  

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

January 6, 2015

J introduced me to Sherlock shortly after the series premiered in America.  I immediately became hooked on the show and Benedict Cumberbatch.  I was beyond excited when J surprised me with tickets to see the special at our local movie theater!  

They showed a Sherlock trivia before the movie that J and I rocked!

New Year, New Hair

I have always wanted to dye my hair red, but I have never had the courage.  J finally convinced me to try it so I gave it a go for 2016. 

Getting everything ready to go!

Too late to turn back now!

Wow, my hair is red!

Its starting to grow on me!

What do you think of it straight?

Yeah, I look fantastic!

Well, I am a redhead now!

Post-Christmas Bath and Body Works Haul

Usually I head to Bath and Body works right before Christmas to pick up their holiday scents.  However, this year I made two visits!  I know... I know... 

Here is what I got! 

2016 Brunch

To kick off the new year, J and I decided to try something new, brunch at the Metro Diner!  We had never been so we were completely blown away by the amazing food!  We left with full stomachs and I had enough leftovers for another meal.

J ordered the HUEVOS RANCHEROS and he loved it!  He did regret ordering the hash browns because it was way too much food!

I chose THE BISSELL BREAKFAST and once again, it was a ton of food!  I loved everything, even the bacon was fantastic!