Favorites of 2015

In 2015, I strove to discover new things and climb out of my comfort shell.  During my experimentation, I discovered several things that could become lifelong favorites.


The Selection Series captured my heart early in the year and I could not stop reading.  I am so excited to finish the series next year and I hope that movies or a television show will follow!


It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ made such a positive impact on my face, I cannot explain it.  This works wonders but it is super expensive.  I highly recommend it for sensitive skin and acne scars. 


Origins Charcoal Mask was an impromptu purchase last Black Friday.  I have been using it off and on every since when I need a good, deep cleaning mask.  It leaves my face feeling clean without drying me out too much.  


I purchased my first Chi Straightener in November of 2015 but I knew it had to be on this list!  I have always wanted a Chi and it is better than I expected.  My hair is super straight and soft without annoying flyaway hairs! 


Sunnyside Lush Bubble Bar is one of Lush's regular products so you can pick this up anytime.  Its smells amazing and leaves your bathwater a shimmery gold.  The bubbles are fantastic and I just love everything about this bar. 


Yankee Candle Pumpkin Buttercream is an autumn candle that I burned completely through the later half of this year.  I am sad it is now gone because it leaves my house smelling like freshly baked cake.  It is strong enough to fill the air without being overpowering. 


As you might remember from my birthday post, J bought me the cutest shift from Lilly Pulitzer for my 24th.  I loved wearing it at Disney because it made me feel like a Princess.  The cut is very comfortable and flattering.


I created my first pair of Minnie Ears over the summer and it has started a collection of handmade ears.  However, this pair will always be my favorite because it started it all!  I love making my own ears for trips and I adore all of the sweet complements I receive. 

New Years Eve 2015

For our first New Years in our new home, I wanted to do something special for J.  I found this printable "Kiss Me Kit" on Pinterest and gave it a go.  You can print your own from Dating Divas here.

I added the pages to a gift bag.  It wasn't the cutest, but it worked!  Inside I added:

I included my favorite Ferraro Rocher chocolates because I rarely share them!

J and I added to the game by creating our own truth and dares for the polka dot and striped cards.

I found these glasses at Ross and fell in love.  I am going to use them as decoration in my room once they are clean. 

The back of the bag.

We enjoyed our goodies while playing the Truth or Dare game.

One of J's dares was to recreate the Spiderman kiss!

I made these shirts for a Universal trip that I did not go on (J and SD went instead).  I really wanted to wear the shirt so we did a mini photoshoot with sparklers.

12 Days of Merry - Blessings of Christmas

Christmas morning is the best because you get and give presents with your loved ones!  This year, J's best friend SD spent the night in our new guest room and opened presents with us in the morning.  I woke up pretty sick however, we still had a nice morning together.  

My best-friend at work make me this adorable owl blanket that I kept near the entire day.  As you can see, it is so amazing that even Maddie tried to steal it from me. 

SD gave me a big Baymax pillow that was perfect for snuggling.

My big present from J was a futon and coffee table for my room!

J gave me several books that I am so excited to read! 

This year, my box gift was this adorable treasure box! 
(Pictures coming soon)

He also gave me:

From my dad, I was given:

My large Secret Santa gift was this adorable wall art:

And my best friend gave me this personal and thoughtful gift: