Fall 2015 Favorites

This fall has been crazy because J and I moved into our new house!  However, I still managed to find some time for myself and enjoy a few products.  Below are the items that I loved this season.


J introduced me to Yankee Candle this fall and I fell in love.  The candle I burned the most was Pumpkin Buttercream.  Unlike Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candles are more subdued.


I have been lusting over the Kendra Scott tassel necklaces however, they are way out of my price range!  When I was shopping for a new Thanksgiving dress at H&M, I popped into Charming Charlies to see if there was necklace that resembled Kendra Scott's.  To my great pleasure, they had one just like it!!!  I have been wearing it pretty much nonstop!

Holiday Decoration

We moved into our new home the weekend after Halloween so the first holiday I decorated for was Thanksgiving.  I created an adorable table display in our new dining room.  The floral arrangement was from Michael's and the Pilgrim shakers are from Publix.  I finished it off with a vanilla candle. 


I finally pierced my ears the day before Halloween!  I am so excited to wear the adorable earrings I have been collecting over the ears.  I had an old decorated $1 wooden frame from Michael's that I no longer wanted and some scrap fabric.  I hot glued the fabric around the frame and then inserted a plastic needle point backing from Joanne's.  I hot glued the backing into place to keep it secure.


During my 2015 book challenge on Good Reads, I was introduced to the wonderful work of Rainbow Rowell.  When Carry On was published, I immediately checked it out from the library and read through it in one weekend.  I loved every moment of this novel! 

Thanksgiving Break Disney Solo Adventure

November 24, 2015

During my one week Thanksgiving vacation, I took a day and went to Disney alone.  This time I wanted to try new things and start my Christmas celebration.  I created a pocket shirt and paired it with my sparkle ears. 

I have been wanting Mickey waffles since before my birthday so I started the day at the Wilderness Lodge Resort.

The waffles were everything I wanted and then some!  After breakfast I toured the resort while sipping coffee.

My next stop was to Disney Springs, formally known as Downtown Disney.

How cute is Shelly May?!?!

I couldn't decided which earrings I loved more however, the black Mickey heads came home with me. 

Next I was back on the bus and headed for Hollywood Studios!

Santa Goofy has a surprisingly short line and he was adorable! 

The special short-movie showing was a sneak peak of Disney's new C.D., "We Love Disney."  It was a fun little movie to watch but I am not sure if I want to purchase the album.

On my way out I ran into a Characterpalooza!  Unfortunately, it was ending soon and I only had time to meet one character so I chose Max!

I was starting to get tired and my phone was dying so I decided to return to the Wilderness Lodge and have a snack. 

Their Christmas decor is just breathtaking. 

Next stop, Magic Kingdom!

To remember my day, I picked up this castle pen at the Lodge.

After years of wanting to meet Merida, she was finally present when I was there!

After Merida, I headed straight to meet Cinderella and Punzie! 

My next fastpass was for the Jingle Cruise!

I left the park during the Electrical Light Parade but I got to snap a few pictures before heading out.  Unfortunately they aren't the best but they are still magical. 

I am so glad that I am a Disney World Passholder!