Disney Birthday Part 3 - Farewell Breakfast at Pop Century Resort

Sunday, August 30th

After sleeping in again, J and I packed up our room and left the hotel.  I was NOT ready to leave! 

Before we left the hotel we enjoyed breakfast in the Everything Pop restaurant.  I really wanted Mickey Waffles but they only served Pop waffles.  They were still amazing! 

J enjoyed the lunch portion of our brunch. 

After our meal we headed to the Florida Mall to walk around.  I picked up some of my favorite items at Lush and then we headed home. 

Disney Birthday Part 2 - Day at Magic Kingdom

Saturday, August 29th

For my birthday, J and I slept in and took our time getting ready.  Then it was time to head back to the Magic Kingdom!

Our first stop was lunch at Be Our Guest.  I made a special Pridelet to match my Disneybound. 

All of the details in the restaurant were perfect. 

Our food arrived quickly and everything was divine. 

What's a birthday without a special birthday cupcake? 

Next it was time to meet Belle herself!


I volunteered to be the magical portrait.

After meeting my favorite princess, J and I watched Dream Along with Mickey in front of Cinderella's Castle. 

Photoshoot time!

Showing J some love on the Hub Grass! 

A Disney duck came to tell me happy birthday!

I survived the Mine Train!

After riding the Mine Train, we headed back the hotel to enjoy some time by the pool.  We ate dinner at Everything Pop and watched TV in our room late into the night.  It was an incredible birthday.