J's College Graduation

My adorable husband has become a member of the graduating class of 2015!  He graduated with a degree in business and he hopes to continue his education soon.  Obviously I have a billion more pictures however, these are a few of my favorites. 

I am so incredibly proud of my adorable husband! 

Dress - Lilly Pulitzer
Shoes - Forever 21
Bracelets - Alex and Ani & Fitbit

Two Castles in One Day

Memorial Day is a wonderful time to take a breath and remember those who put their lives on the line for us.  J and I took advantage of the three-day-weekend to take a trip to Universal. 

We started the day in Simpsons World where we enjoyed a cold drink at Moe's and went on the Simpson's Ride.  I was very sick after the ride and we made the mistake of watching Fear Factor Live.  Let me tell you, if you are suffering from motion sickness or have a weak stomach, DO NOT WATCH FEAR FACTOR!  Well lesson learned... 

To calm down, we headed to Diagon Alley to enjoy some shade.  Luckly, we arrived minutes before a play began!  This time, the actors portrayed  The Fountain of Fair Fortune, my favorite story from The Tales of Beedle the Bard.  

We skipped Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts because of my nausea and head towards City Walk for dinner. 

We had never been to Bubba Gump so we thought we would give it a try.  I loved all of the hidden references to Forrest Gump! 

Both of us enjoyed our meals however, the portions were really small for the price.  It was a great experience but we will probably not eat at Bubba Gump again. 

After the meal we decided to walk around Islands of Adventure.  Seuss Landing is my second favorite part of the park because I love the whimsical decor and rides. 

For the first time, we went on the The Cat in the Hat ride and it was very enjoyable! 

After Seuss Landing we went straight for Hogsmeade!  While J rode Dueling Dragons, I explored the shops.  I have been in love with Honeydukes since book 3 so I have to stop in each time I am in Hogsmeade. 

After Universal, we discovered that the Magic Kingdom was open until 1:00 AM so we decided to visit another magical land.  We had the unique opportunity of viewing Wishes from the ferry on the ride over.  Unfortunately, it took us nearly 30 minutes to enter the park because the monorail was down.  As a result, every was funneled out of the park through buses and the ferry so we had to go against traffic to enter the Magic Kingdom.  Once inside, J and I made a beeline for Fronterland to enjoy some peace and quite.

To combat the head, we decided to try the Dole Whip float that people are always raving about.  After standing in line for nearly 15 minutes, the cast member informed us that the register was closed, even though we were next in line.  Frustrated, we decided to see what FastPasses were available.  At the kiosk, a castmember was saddened by our Dole Whip fiasco and gave us a voucher.  Thanks to Jade, J and I were finally able to enjoy the refreshing dessert.   

The park was pretty crowded so we left at 12:15 AM instead of staying until 1:00 AM.  However, it was my first time visiting both Universal and Disney in the same day.  Hogwarts Castle has nothing on Cinderella's Castle but I love them both! 

Shirt - Universal Studios

Shorts - Lilly Pulitzer
Shoes - Nike
Hat - Etsy

Bracelet - Fitbit
Backpack - Vera Bradley

Red Nose Day 2015

NBC has developed the Red Nose Campaign to raise money and awareness for child and youth poverty in America and developing nations.  Today, Walgreens is selling red nose covers to prompt the campaign.  Across social media, individuals are joining the campaign by snapping a picture in their red noses or photoshopping on a nose.  Learn more about the campaign at rednoseday.org

Don't forget to add #rednoseday to all of your red nose pictures!  

My First Solo Disney Adventure

I have been to Disney hundreds of times in my life.  I have gone with my family, friends and significant others and have occasionally wandered off alone while others have gone on rides.  However, I had never made a Disney trip completely alone.  

I was itching to go to Disney and no one else could go so (with some convincing from J) I decided to make the trip on my own.  The drive down seemed to take forever however, I have never been more proud of myself than I was driving through the Disney gates.  I decided to go to Epcot for the Flower and Garden Show and made a plan to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to! 

Selfie in the parking lot upon arrival!  This was also my first Disney trip with my new Samsung Galxay S6 Edge cell phone so I was looking forward to trying out the new camera.

I love Disney resorts so I made a stop at the Boardwalk to calm my nerves.

The weather was overcast and warm when I arrived.

Because I was alone, I was able to stop and take pictures of everything!

I walked over to Epcot and asked to decorate one of the "First Visit" buttons.  I did not end up wearing the button but it is a wonderful souvenir!  

Because of the show, the blooms were extra gorgeous and the park was packed! 

The topiaries are my favorite part of the Flower and Garden Show and this year Disney out did themselves!  

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so when I saw that Belle would be arriving in 15 minutes, I hoped into line.  I met a wonderful family from Pennsylvania with a 3-year-old daughter.   

Belle and I had a long conversation about books and adventures.  She was proud of me for coming to Disney alone! 

I left the meet and greet glowing with excitement because Belle was absolutely perfect. 

After exploring for a little while, I walked by Snow White's meet and greet station and spotted a small line.  I joined in and only had to wait about 10 minutes to meet the adorable princess.  I have never been much of a Snow White fan however, this experience changed my mind!!!  She asked me about my shirt which started a long conversation about my university and football.  Then we chatted about how much Grumpy would love the game.  

As I was passing by Mexico, I noticed that there were only four families in line for Donald and we was being extra cute!  So of course, I joined the line!

While waiting I noticed that Donald blew kisses to everyone as the left so I decided to beat him to it!  My kisses made him swoon so much that he had to catch himself on the wall!  It was so cute that I wish I had it on video or at least more pictures! 

After hanging out with Donald, I made my way to the Future World to enjoy some rides and air conditioning! 

My first ride was the Journey into Imagination, one of my favorite rides.  I have been on rides alone before so I didn't feel weird.  I was very thankful that the cast member let me sit alone! 

After the ride, I was able to walk right into a sneak peak of Disney's upcoming movie, Tomorrowland.  The sneak peak was amazing and I highly recommend it! 

Next, I enjoyed a delicious sandwich from The Seasons and watched people as I ate.  I took my time waiting for my Soarin' fasspass to start.  Soarin' is the perfect ride for relaxing and I love their queue! 

After the ride, I explored the "Inside Out" garden based on Disney's upcoming film. 

Each character was given their own spot with plants that resembled their emotion. 

Next up, the butterfly garden! 

I had one last Fastpass so I made my way over to another amazing ride for cooling down, Nemo and Friend!  

Because I came in through the resort side, I wanted to get a few shots of Spaceship Earth before I left.  Unfortunately the line for the ride was way too long! 

Next I had to see the topiary of my favorite queen, Elsa.  The Disney gardeners did an amazing job creating these works of art. 

To commemorate the day, I purchased Disney's newest Alex and Ani bracelet.  It serves as a reminder of my day and guides me through out the days to come.  Snow White is right, you should always whistle while you work. 

Before leaving, I went back to the Boardwalk to purchase some coffee and get one more glimpse of the amazing resort. 

I am so proud of myself for making it through the day!  I will never forget my first solo Disney trip and I hope that I will be brave enough to enjoy more in the future.