Since I first heard that Disney was filming a live action version of Cinderella, I started counting down the days.  I loved Cinderella as a child and her story still remains one of my favorite Disney tales.  

Tsum Tsum Cindy and I were excited to wear the MAC limited edition Cinderella lipstick in Royal Ball, which I had been saving to wear for the movie.


I found the perfect Cinderella blue at Target from Sally Hansen and this amazing dress is from JC Penny's. 

I purchased a new dress at JC Penny's but I had a hard time picking a pair of shoes.  I finally decided on my wedding shoes because Cinderella would have approved. 

When we picked up our IMAX tickets, they gave me a limited edition IMAX poster!

How glamorous are Cinderella's step-sisters?

We were the first people in the theater so I was able to sit exactly where I wanted!

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life! 

Just a quick selfie before the movie started with my Prince Charming. 

Cindy and I loved the movie and it was incredible in IMAX.  Special thank you to J for making everything so wonderful! 

It was a perfect night at the royal ball! 

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