Anniversary Throwback - #7 Our Honeymoon

J and I toyed with the idea of going to Disney for our honeymoon, as you may have guested.  However, since we were spending a good chunk on money on our trip, we wanted to go somewhere we had never visited.  After months of thought, we decided on Savannah, GA. 

Our first night there, we couldn't decide where to eat and after getting really lost, we ended up going to a Red Lobster next to our hotel.  The next day, we hit the malls and explored the industrial section of Savannah, where our hotel was.  That night, we finally went to Riverside and realized what Savannah was all about.  When we got back to our hotel, we booked another night so we could explore the city more the next day.  All of Sunday was spent in the historical section of Savannah and we are so glad that we stayed a third night! 

The square where Forrest Gump waited for the bus. 


We ate lunch at the Pirate's House and it was the best experience of the trip! 

On our way home Monday morning, we were not ready to come home but we knew we had to.  Amelia Island had been one of our potential wedding locations so when we were about to pass the exit and made an impromptu stop.  Once we got off the interstate, we found a Target where we purchased towels, bottled water, and bathing suits (ours were still wet from the indoor hotel pool).  

The beach was beautiful and we left exhausted and ready to go home.  It was a great getaway and we came home with so many souvenirs! 

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