Influenster Frosty Vox Box

Influenster is a website community that free to join and full of reviews of everyday products.  If you link your social media accounts and actively participate on the site, you have the opportunity to recieve a free VoxBox full of products to review.  I received all of the following products for free for testing purposes and all of the options are my own. 

Honestly, I was a little surprised to find that there was no protective packaging in the box.  Everything was just rolling around...

McCormick is a usual brand that we buy for spices so I was happy to see this in the box.  We were also needing some more Thyme!  Nothing too special about this but it is a good product. 

I was most excited about receiving an EcoTools hairbrush because I love the brand and I needed a new brush.  However, the sent me a styling brush even though I told them through the survey that I never style my hair.  I was really disappointed and I tried to use the brush a few times but I hate it.  The bristles are super soft and it does not work as a regular brush.

I am not a tea drinker but this tea was not bad.  I will not be purchasing this in the future because there are other Christmas drinks I prefer. 

These might be my new favorite candy.  They taste great and the texture is gummy but not sticky.  I love these so much and I will be purchasing these in the future!

The NYC Lipstick is not bad, I like to color a lot and it very soft.  However, it does not last very long and tends to run...

Here is a swatch of the lipstick. 

Rimmel London is one of my favorite brands and I love this eyeliner.  I cannot wait to show you all of my looks! 

As you can see from the swatch, the eyeliner is very pigmented! 

Great remover that does not burn my eyes or smell funny!

I don't really understand why they sent me a foil packet of this product.  The idea behind the No7 Protect & Perfect Serum is to fight aging skin.  A (not even) one time use of this product will show me nothing about it...