DIY Fall Door Decor

For me, cute fall decor can be challenging to find because of the excitement of Halloween and Christmas.  Thanksgiving is J's favorite holiday so I wanted to create something to make our home more festive.  For this project, you will need: 

A Wooden Letter
Fake Leaves 
Hot Glue Gun 
Flat Surface

First start by gluing the end of your yarn to the back of the letter.  I apologize for the fuzzy picture!  To keep my fingers from getting burned, I held the yarn to the glue with the end of my scissors.  

Wrap the yarn around the letter, in some places you might have to double wrap.  This can be tricky depending on your letter's shape.  I bought my H at Hobby Lobby so it had more character than the letters at Michael's.  At the tricky spots, I used hot glue to secure the pieces while wrapping. 

Once you have finished wrapping and gluing, add some festive leaves or other decorations.  I found these leaves at Michael's in their Halloween clearance section!  

To hang my H, I tied a piece of yarn around the sides to create a loop.  This is a great alternative to a wreath on your door or to hang indoors.  Mine is just outside of my front door and it has held up well so far! 

If you recreate this project, please tag me on Instagram at @swh_14 or Twitter at @manthymoments!  

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