Artsy Abode Goodie Bag

To kick off the holiday season, the Artsy Abode hosted a holiday extravaganza with amazing sales, treats, and, for the first 25 customers, a goodie bag.  I purchased a Vera Bradley lanyard for myself and was lucky enough to leave with a goodie bag!  Here is what I received: 


The first item in my bag were a pair of lime green earrings. 

Next was a reversible shadow box necklace with a crown on one site and a cross on the other.

This adorable monogram earrings and pearl bracelet with my first initial.

 A black beaded bracelet with several different shaped beads and a ribbon detail.

Red flower pin that is perfect for holiday outfits. 

A red and white necklace that will be great for Christmas and school spirit days. 

I loved the variety of items in the bag and the personal touch of the monogram jewelry. 

Makeup Storage and Collection

This summer I started to play with makeup for the first time in my life.  Before, I had always owned only the essential products and stored them in a makeup bag under my sink.  When I began to purchase more items, I moved everything into a small basket that sat on our counter.  A few months later, the basket began to overflow and I knew it was time to invest in a nice organizer.  So I went to TJ Maxx with some babysitting money in my pocket and spent about $60 on three sets of drawers and a lipstick organizer. 

Drawer 1:

My first drawer holds foundations and powers.  I have a Mary Kay Time Wise Foundation, E.L.F. Acne Fighting Foundation, a sample of Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation, Cover Girl Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder, and Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder. 

Drawer 2:

The second drawer is home to my concealers, primers, and facial sunscreen.  I have the ELF undereye concealer, Ulta fabulous face concealer, ELF eyelid primer, Purlise sunscreen, ELF maxium concealer, ELF tinted moisturizer, Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask, and Pixi tinted moisturizer and concealer (that was a giveaway prize from the company).    

Drawer 3:

Drawer three holds my blush and M.A.C. BB Cream.  Because of it's size, the BB cream could not fit in my first drawer, so it is squeezed in with my blushes.  I have an Ulta Mineral Blush, Almay Highligher and Blush Duo, E.L.F. Bronzer and Blush Duo, and an Ulta Ready Wear Blush (that I do not recommend). 

Drawer 4:

The fourth drawer is home to eye shadows, eye liner, and my Anastasia Brow Wiz.  I have a Baked Eyeshadow from BH Cosmetics, Eyshadow Quad from Be A Bombshell, Ulta Cream Eyeshadow, and the Night Beach Beauty pallet from E.L.F.  My eye liners include a brown pencil from Ulta and a purple pencil from Julep. 

Drawer 5:

My fifth drawer used to hold my 36-piece Eyeshadow Pallet from E.L.F. however, I recently moved that to the side of my organizer to make room for my new facial products from Living Nature.  I recently received the Living Natural Nourishing Skin Set as a giveaway prize.  The drawer also holds my Almay Neutral Eyes Pallet and a Smokey Eye Collection from Pop. 

Drawer 6:

As you can tell, this drawer holds all of my lip glosses.  For someone who does not like lip gloss, I somehow have a lot.  This draw is home to brands including ELF, Estee Lauder, NYX, NanaCoco, YBF, Mary Kay, and Ulta. 

This drawer holds single eye shadows, powers, and samples.  In the top row, I have three lotion samples from Origins.  The middle row I have (left to right) a sample of Benefit's Porefessional, Mary Kay setting powder and brush, and a single Bare Minerals shadow.  At the bottom I have a mineral blush, Mary Kay creme shadow, and two Bare Mineral shadows. 

The second to last drawer holds my favorite cleansing cloths from ELF and my Mary Kay Satin Hands and Satin Lips cremes. 

Lastly, this drawer holds random samples, another Mary Kay Satin Hands creme, and a lemon scented nail and cuticle cream.  

To hold my brushes, I use a small, tall mason jar and decorated it with twine.

On top of the drawers, I have a small organizer for lipstick, mascara, and large items. 

The open compartment on the left holds an Estee Lauder Eye Make-Up Remover, Rimmel London BB Cream, ELF Primer, Burt's Bees Moisturizer, ELF Lash Curler, and EOS Lip Balm.  The Olaf pocket mirror is from Hot Topic.  On the right, I have Tarte's Clay Mascara, ELF Waterproof Mascara, CK Mascara, two samples of Estee Lauder mascara, and a sample of Makeup Forever Mascara.  Additionally, I store my Lilly Pulitzer travel brush set on top for decoration.  The back row of lipsticks include a limited edition Simpson's Lip Glass, ELF Moisturizing lipstick, and Red Apple lip balm.  Next is an Estee Lauder lipstick, Disney lip balm from Hot Topic, Bare Minerals Tinted Balm, and a sample of Makeup Forever lipstick.  Lastly, I have a frosted MAC lipstick, Mary Kay lipstick, Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick, and a limited edition Rocky Horror Picture Show lipstick. 

That is my entire makeup collection, please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see more of a particular product.  

DIY Fall Door Decor

For me, cute fall decor can be challenging to find because of the excitement of Halloween and Christmas.  Thanksgiving is J's favorite holiday so I wanted to create something to make our home more festive.  For this project, you will need: 

A Wooden Letter
Fake Leaves 
Hot Glue Gun 
Flat Surface

First start by gluing the end of your yarn to the back of the letter.  I apologize for the fuzzy picture!  To keep my fingers from getting burned, I held the yarn to the glue with the end of my scissors.  

Wrap the yarn around the letter, in some places you might have to double wrap.  This can be tricky depending on your letter's shape.  I bought my H at Hobby Lobby so it had more character than the letters at Michael's.  At the tricky spots, I used hot glue to secure the pieces while wrapping. 

Once you have finished wrapping and gluing, add some festive leaves or other decorations.  I found these leaves at Michael's in their Halloween clearance section!  

To hang my H, I tied a piece of yarn around the sides to create a loop.  This is a great alternative to a wreath on your door or to hang indoors.  Mine is just outside of my front door and it has held up well so far! 

If you recreate this project, please tag me on Instagram at @swh_14 or Twitter at @manthymoments!  

DIY Planner

Today on Facebook, I was introduced to the Passion Planner.   I immediately feel in love and knew that it would be perfect for organizing my life.  I have been using a Lilly Pulitzer agenda on and off this year however, I needed something a little more for finals and holiday plans.  So here is what I created.  

I printed the cover page from Printable Monogram and you can download this template here.  I am not a fan of how see-through the paper is however, if you print it out on cardstock, you will not have that problem.  

I also used Printable Monogram's Glitter Polka Dot Calender as the divider between months.  If I was using this planner for more than two months, I would add tabs to these pages.  This page will give me the ability to glance over the month and see what major events I have planned. 

The inside pages are from Passion Planner and can be downloaded here.  If you share their new video, you will be entered to receive a PDF copy of the 2015 planner.  Additionally, their hardcopy planners are currently on sale! 

Last but not least, if three people purchase Passion Planners and list my email address ( as a reference, I will receive a FREE planner. 

Even if you do not make a purchase, go check Passion Planner out!  I am definitely asking for one for Christmas! 

The Boys' First Birthday

April 2, 2014

Because J and I love our cats like children and have no life, we through Link and Seven a private birthday party for their first birthday.  J and I picked up birthday plates, candles, and wet food from Walmart for the celebration. 

We chose the blue candle for Link.

And Seven received the pink candle because he is a little more on the girly-side.

Of course you cannot have a party without candles! 

J and I also created birthday crowns which the pair was not fond of.  

However, once Link discovered the wet food, he could care less about the hat.  

Seven on the other hand, was not easily amused.  

We might be a little too obsessed with our boys, but this is one evening that was well worth it.

When Our Boys Were Kittens

I was studying for my senior finals when I received the photo above from J.  Naturally, I had a heart attack from the cuteness and reply, "can we keep him?"  My phone buzzed again with the simple words, "yes we can."

About a week later we rescued these two tiny babies from the bushes of a local apartment complex. 

J named the orange one Seven after the Star Trek character, Seven of Nine.  I named the grey one Mary after Lady Mary on Downton Abbey. 

On their first night with us, we gave them flee baths because they were completely covered.  The two huddled together and I was sure they were traumatized. 

The next morning I woke up with them huddled next to my side of the bed and my heart melted.

They were very inquisitive and soon forgot their flee bath. 

We picked up kitten milk from Petsmart because they were only 5 weeks old. 

After another flee bath and several flee combings, the babies we insect free and happy. 

My 2-year-old goddaughter became obsessed with the pair during her first visit.  

And so did my mom! 

They quickly adopted our bed as their own and were rarely found apart. 

They were adored by everyone they met, even if the kittens did not feel the same way. 

Before long they began to grow.  At their first visit, we discovered that Mary was a male so I renamed him Link after the main character in Hairspray. 

I cannot believe that these photos were taken so long ago!  Stay tuned for more pictures of our crazy boys!