Engagement Gift Basket

My best friend has stood beside my through my mother's battle with cancer, countless break-ups, and as my Maid of Honor on my wedding day.  When I received the call that she was proposing to her girlfriend, I was ecstatic!  So naturally, I did what any best friend would do, I made them a massive gift basket filled with bridal goodies! 

I went with a pink and gold theme because it is girly and classy.  The two brides are different, but I knew they would enjoy being pampered. 

I found cheap cardboard letters at Joann's and painted them with 3 coats of gold acrylic paint.  They look amazing! 

I used the same paint to create this frame and embellished it with engagement themed stickers from Joanne's $2 sticker rack. 

I just fell in love with this banner sticker!

Next I decorated some of the free Disney buttons you receive at the parks.  I had a fight with my Sharpie marker but I think they still turned out nice. 

I found this wedding cake candle in the wedding section at Joanne's and "Mint to Be" mints at Hobby Lobby.  I am not sure if they will use the candle, but I couldn't pass it up! 

At Michael's I grabbed a package of monogrammed cards (luckily they were dark pink and gold!) and I found this photo book on sale for a dollar. 

Of course, the girls needed some traditional bridal items.  At Target I found two shades of blue nail polish for their "Something Blue" and a pink wedding magazine.  The bride-to-be sash was on clearance at Michael's (yay!). 

This makeup bag and light-up right were also on clearance!

Of course gift baskets are not complete without something to eat.  I wanted to do something cute and remembered this pin from Pinterest while in line at Hobby Lobby!

As you have noticed, both of their names start with K so J had this amazing idea to include KitKats.  So I just cut shapes out of an index card to cover up part of the candy's name. 

I used a pink Sharpie to color two plain Hershey's bars.  A cute little trick that you cannot do with "His and Hers."

The basket was 50% at Michael's and I already owned the white and pink tissue paper to use as filler.  The girls were happy with everything in the basket and I could not be happier for my two best friends! 

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