Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, I decided to dress up as a Hipster Elsa from Disney's Frozen.  I love Frozen and I knew I wanted to be Elsa for Halloween since I first saw the film.  After searching Pinterest all week for a cute costume idea, I decided being a hipster was perfect for me.  

My adorable nerd! 

A nerd and a hipster who couldn't be more in love!  

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Botanical Gardens and Orchard Show

J and I recently went on a date to our local Botanical Gardens because they were hosting an annual Orchid Show.  Here are some of the photos I took on our adventure. 

The orchids were submitted by individuals from across the state.  Many have won 1st place prizes in other orchid shows. 

The show also included several vendors who sold a variety of plants and gardening accessories.  J bought me a tiny succulent that now lives in our living room window.   

This bench was dedicated to the memory of a childhood friend who passed away the summer before his freshman year of college.

"The Tree with a Story" is a large palm tree that once had four off shoots.  However, due to weather, only one remains giving the tree a crooked appearance.

J and I love exploring nature when the weather is nice and this was a perfect day.  The best thing about this date?  It cost us $3, you cannot beat that!