Disney Springs BFF Adventure

What do you do when you find out your BFF has never seen Mulan? Plan a trip to Disney Springs for Big Screen viewing, of course!

Before the movie started, we spent time exploring and shopping.

I am pretty sure the Coke store is our favorite photo spot. 

No shopping day is complete without a trip to Starbucks!

After the movie, we grabbed a few sweets for the road at the Gluten Free Bakery.

I Painted My Pet

Painting with a Twist has a wonderful class called Paint Your Pet where an instructor teaches a small group of student how to recreate a photograph of their pet with paint. As part of my no-sugar challenge over the summer, I earned one class at my local studio.

I chose one of the clearest photos of Maddie I could find and picked a pink background because she is my little princess. I loved the halo look on one of the examples so I worked hard to recreate it. I think it looks amazing.

I took the class with two other ladies and their paintings were beyond amazing.

Showing off my final work. Matching the painting was not intentional.

My red carpet moment with Maddie. How amazing is my masterpiece?!

Even though Maddie is blind, I think she loved her portrait. Or she just really wanted belly rubs because she loves her belly rubs!

KC Meets a Dolphin

To celebrate KC's 6th birthday, we took her to the place she has been asking to visit for over a year, SeaWorld. She is currently obsessed with dolphins and she couldn't wait to make a few new underwater friends. 

We started our day at the Dolphin Nursery and the little ones were obsessed with a toy the lady next to KC had. I feel so lucky that we were able to sit next to her!

Our next stop was the Kid Zone where KC played in the water and enjoyed a few kid-sized rides.

The aquarium in Atlantis had an amazing floor that provided about an hour of entertainment for KC. She loved following the fish and sting rays that swam beneath her feet.

No day at SeaWorld is complete without a visit to my favorite experience, the penguins!

We were going to feed the Sea Lions but they were a bit rowdy today.

Our final stop was Turtle Trek.

Thank you SeaWorld for another amazing day! 

Birthday SeaVenture - Part 3

By Sunday, we were extremely exhausted. We spent the morning in our hotel room and finished our leftover Friday's meals for lunch. Once we checked out, we headed for home. 

It poured on and off the entire trip as we pasted under Hurricane Harvey's outer bands. I snapped a picture where you can see the storms clouds abruptly stopping and blue skies peeking in. 

When we pulled into town, J took me to see these adorable ducklings! What a wonderful surprise! I jumped out of the car to say hello while he picked up dinner for us and the ducks.

As I fed them, they came closer. Best birthday surprise, ever!

It was a wonderful vacation full of fun adventures. Here is to another great year of me!